5 Things That Will Become A Reality In Next Decade


1. Drone Delivery :


Delivery drone flying in city
Delivery drone flying in the city

We have seen the success of drone camera’s all across the world. Many people think that delivering something with drone technology is a good idea to save time but for now, because of some flaws in this technology, it is not in use still, technology companies are working on it to make it safer and useful. Soon you will see the implementation with your eyes.


2. VR Classrooms :

Students at college doing an experiment watching a student while using virtual reality headset and joysticks.

This Corona situation let everyone think about what happens if the world has to face the same situation again. In all this situation everyone has lost a lot but the most important loss all over the world is faced by students. Students face so many difficulties as the education system was so confused. Higher educational institutes tried online classes but failed badly. So now technology makers are working for a great system to learn from home in any difficult situation.


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3. Space Tourism :

Space Tourism
Space Tourism

NASA is working on space tourism and it is expected that in the next decade people will be allowed to go on space to visit or on trips. We can also see some space agencies but for now, NASA has calculated the estimated cost of $50 Million to reach the Moon and $35,000 for a night on Moon. Space Tourism is already started as US multi-millionaire Dennis Tito has paid $20m for his eight days in space.

4. 3D Printing :

printer machine is printing performance shoe in home.
printer machine is printing performance shoes at the home.

Special 3D Printing is also a thing which will be very common in the next ten years. People will use 3D printers in their daily and official life also it will be a great idea for photo printing 3D photo printing will be more successful and seem to be the great business idea for the next generation.

5. Domestic Robots :

Domestic Robots
service robot is giving a woman a sandwich in the living room, display of the household robot is showing a coffee break symbol

The first Domestic robot was built in 1954 by George Devol. But still, robots are not common for any country in the world. It is expected that in the next decade use of robots will increase as people use them for their home use like floor cleaning, Entertainment & for security purposes. Scientists already have great AI (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) Like

Sophia Robot is the most advanced human-like robot.

Honda Motor Corporation’s Asimo is the most advanced robot.

Geminoid F by Professor Ishiguro is the most realistic robot.

Tell us in the comment section which technology do you think science will bring common in the next 10 years.


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