What Is The Real Name Of White Death

White Death

What Is The Real Name Of White Death :

Simo Häyhä is famous as White Death. He was a Finnish armed Sniper. Simo Häyhä was born on Dec 17, 1905. At the age of 20, In 1925 he started his army training and within one year improve his rank and become corporal.



Russia Attack On Finland :

In 1939 General Secretary of Russia Joseph Stalin think Finland as an easy target to take. Russia starts the war against Finland (Known as Winter War) But they never expect that 32 Finnish military men will kill 4000 Russian soldiers.

In which One sniper becomes the most popular in the world with 500+ kills with the sniper. White Death (Simo Häyhä) kills more than 500 Russian Soldiers with his sniper gun M/28-30 rifle. Also a record by him he never uses scope on his sniper as he believes scope catches glare from sunlight and could be spotted by enemy snipers.

End Of White Death Career :

In 1940, at the age of 35 (In Winter War) he was hit by a sniper bullet on his jaw and he was injured badly. After being in a coma for 11 days he came back to his life on the day he awakes is the day war ended.

Finland has lost 11% of its territory. Soviet won the war and with the war ended, Simo Häyhä military career also ended as his face permanently lop-sided due to injury but his name is permanently written in history.

Simo Häyhä Death :

Simo Häyhä after his retirement lives a very peaceful life and took part in some shooting competitions. In the last days of his life When he was asked “what was the secret to Häyhä’s incredible aim?” His answer was just one-word “Practice”. He died at the age of 96, On April 1, 2002


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