Racism, the act of detriment, inequity, or opposition directed against someone of a different race. Racism is one of the major problems of today. It gives people fear of losing respect, sometimes feeling guilty. Sometimes racism gives people a terrible perspective of life. Race is always a major issue from the 10s to 21 centuries.[1]

Many people attached to racist groups always try to build up their effort to take down other ethnic groups. Racism believes that a group of people own contrasting behavioral attributes corresponding to bodily appearance and can be diverged based on the supremacy of one race to another. Biological difference between people is a modern way of racism. In the 19th century, many scientists described that the world population is divided into different races. These races have different abilities and temperaments that can strengthen the political ideology to divide the rights based on racial categories. Racism is spread worldwide in which people who belong to other ethnic groups cannot get their rights.[2]

When human beings build greater civilization, they categorized people into different social groups or classes. Countries like Japan and India have created a caste system in which greater gratingly confined the advantages of a lower grade. Racism is still extending its clinging roots in our modern society today. Stereotypes are the main cause of discrimination which includes color, religion, and culture. 

Racism in the United States has existed since the colonial era[3]. White Americans were given social rights and sanction, while on the other side, who denied these rights and sanctions to the black Americans and other races. Black Americans and others faced restrictions on their political, social, or justice freedom throughout US history. Hispanics also faced continuous racism in the US. White Americans are considered as supreme than black Americans and other races. Black Americans are facing many issues, such as political or social freedom[4].

The African Americans ran many movements for their right, but always they have to disappoint. Black Americans faced many social issues over 50 years. This was the cause of many divorces among Black Americans. According to the US census, only 38% percent of children are living with their parents. In comparison, the others are spending a single-parent life. Barack Obama was the first US black president that supports same-sex marriage among black Americans. Black Americans vote 59’5 for same-sex marriage, which is higher than the white Americans or national average. The Black Americans’ civil rights movement or Black rights movement brought much change in American society and obtained certain rights of African Americans.

African American groups are poor. They also have to face different economic issues in the 2007 survey, 27% percent of black Americans living below the poverty line. The police more kill African Americans than other race or ethnic group peoples. [5]  America faced many deaths due to racism. Recently a black American named George Floyd was killed by a white police officer. 


1. In this topic, the author describes that the dynamic of American racial politics or ethnic politics for the next year depends upon the relation with African Americans and depends upon the relation with other ethnic groups. Both white Americans and African Americans have opposite dignity. They both have a trust issue with each other. There is a dramatic rise in Black Americans’ status facing difficulties in getting their socio-economic rights. That would be very frustrating for African Americans. These blacks were embittered by their inflaming fate. The government also tries to show down the black. They blame the black that drugs should be easily available in black society to harm black people. According to the author, blacks face many difficulties as a virus known as AIDS was made in the laboratory to infect and injure black people. White Americans and Black Americans have different life pattern under the shade of the same country. African blacks are more likely killed or arrested by a white police officer than whites. This 

the white community and the government enhance social discrimination.[6] Black Americans are forced to do work under the white community. African American thinks that being a black hurts the people.


2. In this topic, the author reveals that the race issue in the US is due to beliefs issue that makes the more complicated to know about the reality, worth, or position of black in society. In the era of Barack Obama, the Black people were shorty started getting their social rights. Justice would be the same for all the lives. Likewise, they truly understand the racial pain of Black Americans and the racial bitterness of the white working community. They think that their preservation lies with President Donald Trump. Racism is destroying the US day by day. Fellow citizens betrayed each other. Racial proximity increased by integrating school, and that is a good way to give out social antagonism. This social discrimination leads Black lives to raise their voice that disturbs the peace of the society. According to this race problem, America is getting a minimum amount of tax income compared to other European countries. American government or economy is not only dependent on the white community but dependent on the black American. If injustice with blacks will continue like this, racism may lead to a serious economic crisis. That is racism is destroying America.[7]


3. In this article, the author describes the legacy of a continuous impact on the position of black peoples in American society. More than 50 percent say that country hasn’t made enough progress regarding racial equality in society. According to recent research, blacks ever have equal rights with whites. While on the other hand, American president Donald trump handling the racial issue that is also negative. A recent survey tells that Donald Trump has made the racial situation worse. According to research, most adults think that bee black hurts people. After Trump was elected as President, it has become more convenient for the people to reveal black. The majority of Americans accepted this as when Obama was a president. He makes progress on racial relations. In contrast, on the other side, Trump makes race relations worse than in the past. And research also tells that black is not treated fairly by police or justice institution than the whites. The majority of blacks experience social discrimination because of their ethnic group or race. According to black’s country would face many crises if black people cannot get equal rights with whites. Trump made racial relations or situations worse for the black. As recently, George Floyd was killed by white American police.[8]

Why racism is so much prevalent in American society?

According to great scholars and analysts, racism in the US focusing on the critical race theory. This theory examines the appearance of the concept of race and racism over the presiding culture mode. “CRT scholars aim to acknowledged how victims of racism are affected by dominant culture discernment of race and how they represent themselves to face prejudice. Many CRT scholars trace racism in the US through the national legacy of slavery. CRT scholar Kimberle Crenshaw, Mari Matsuda, Patricia Williams share their interest that racism as an everyday component of Americans lives.” 

Using this model, the other way of cultural expression helps to recognize the race, racism, and racialized characters in works. CRT scholars share their experience that which socio-cultural forces boost racism in American society. They trace all the legal documents and evidence to conduct and outline the elements of racism in the United States of America. They also find the theoretical and experimental framework that how racism affects the community of America. According to some critical race theorists, white people have many social, economic, and political advantages compared to non-white citizens. Americans white community enjoys educational opportunities, social status, and much more than the non-white Americans. Race is not a product of biology, it’s a product of social thoughts and relations—how people think about other communities or ethnicity. The identities and loyalty of a person don’t depend on race, gender, or religion.

In contrast, it depends on the belief system or the individual capable of claiming membership in different categories. Macroaggression refers to the seemingly minute often unconsciousness, the daily instance of discrimination that collectively leads to racism and subordination by the dominant culture of racialized individuals. Peggy Davis discusses how legal discourse participates and can counteract the effects of microaggressions.

As scholars such as Crenshaw and Williams have demonstrated, CRT research can and should be suitable for the adoption and application of ideas from similar fields such as women’s studies, feminism, and history. In doing so, the CRT has evolved over the last decades to address the various concerns of individuals affected by racism.[9]


      George Floyd was a 46-year-old father who spent most of his life in Houston, Texas. In 2007, he was charged with armed robbery in the home invasion of Houston. According to court documents, in 2009, Floyd was sentenced to five years in prison as part of a plea agreement. Years later, looking for a fresh start and unemployed, he left Houston to find a job and start a new life in Minneapolis, where he worked as a truck driver and bouncer. Before his death, he worked as a security guard at the Latin American Restaurant Conga Latin Bistro. But Floyd lost his job because of the coronavirus stay-at-home orders.[10]

what were the causes of George Floyd’s killing?

“On May 25th, officers responded to a call from a teenage grocery store worker who claimed that Floyd had used a forged $20 note. He had bought some cigarettes from Minneapolis. Store owner Mike Abumayyaleh-who didn’t work at the time-told NBC that Floyd was a regular customer and never make any disturbance. The officers responded to a report of forgetting in progress.” On June 1st, a medical examiner classified George Floyd’s death as a murder, saying that his heart stopped as the police held him back and compressed his neck. According to official information from the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office, the cause of death was referred to as “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating subdual law enforcement, restraint, and neck compression.” Chauvin was a white cop who kneeled on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes before losing consciousness.

How this death of George will impact America

He was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree felony murder in the case, which people around the globe later see his charges rise to second-degree murder. That was the illegal murder of a person for the sake of racism. [11]This a perfect example of racial discrimination in the United States of America. Protestors were spread on the road for the justice of George Floyd and the rights of Black Americans. That murder will lean the Government of Unites States to make policies regarding racism and racial discrimination.


                  They were viewing the current scenario of the United States of America situation, showing that my hypothesis seems to be falsified. Because Police officer Derel Chaauvin killed George, Floyd has been released on bail by setting a 1.25 million dollars fine. Trump’s government needs to make policies to eradicate racial status in America. As far as George’s murder is concerned, new policies against racism are not reformed yet. Racism can eliminate through learning and reflection. Discrimination can also be eradicated by making the judicial system very strong. Rights should be equally distributed among all races and ethnicity.


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