Pubg expected unban in Pakistan


Why PTA Ban PUBG In Pakistan

As we all know PTA has banned pubg mobile in Pakistan because of complaints of Parents and also PTA officials claimed that where Pubg mobile is waste of time it also impact player’s physical and mental health.

PTA asks the audience to mail is the ban on the game is right or it’s the wrong decision. Today on July 9, 2020, in Lahore High Court there is hearing about the ban or unban of pubg mobile.


Pubg Ban in Pakistan
Pubg Ban in Pakistan


Impact of the ban on Players

A lot of Pubg mobile players in Pakistan are earning good money because of game live streaming and playing tournaments which show the decision to ban directly hit their normal life.

They worked a lot to become good at this game and worked a lot of hard work to earn by stream or recordings of video’s if PTA doesn’t unban game all their efforts become useless.

Effect of ban on Pakistan

From 2019 E-sports get so much response from Asia. Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan are getting so much involved on this platform and many peoples start earning on this industry. Ban on the game will discourage youngsters. Also, Pakistan will become backward from the other countries in this field.

Pubg Expected Unban In Pakistan

Pubg expected to unban in Pakistan is within the next 24 hours as Lahore high court hear the arguments of both sides it decide to announce the decision after 24 hours. The arguments against the unban were so weak that’s why everyone is expecting the decision of unbanning of Pubg mobile.




Waqar Zaka Efforts

I think every pubg player also needs to thank Waqar Zaka for his efforts on unbanning Pubg Mobile.

Waqar Zaka clears, he is not a pubg player but he knows how much important pubg is for players who earn with this game and it’s the most important game for E-sports community of Pakistan


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