Is Government Afraid Of Saud Butt

Saud Butt
Saud Butt



Maryam Nawaz Appearance on NAB :

On 11 August 2020 NAB ask Maryam Nawaz to appear on NAB Office. Maryam Nawaz was there to answer questions of NAB. But unfortunately, because a large number of party workers come to show solitary with their leader appearance was turns into clashes. Police arrests party workers in which they arrest famous Tiktok star Saud Butt.

Arrest Of Saud Butt :

When police arrest Saud Butt he was not near to the place of clashes. He was at the hotel for dinner with his friends but the police not only arrest him but start beating Saud Butt without any reason which all videos go viral after the arrest and the police & government proved guilty in front of the public and party workers who were arrested before got bail within two days and proved innocent in all this scenario.



Government change political case with terrorist F.I.R :

Government change that political case into terrorist F.I.R and PMLN workers think that happens on Imran Khan’s order. The important thing is Saud Butt who was not even their (when police start clashes with party workers) is still a victim of political revenge and facing F.I.R for a terrorist attack.


Saud Butt Point Of View :

Saud Butt cleared that as he has not done anything wrong so he is not afraid of political revenge. When he got bailed after going to jail Maryam Nawaz & Nawaz Sharif also thanked him for facing political revenge with patience and Nawaz Sharif send him a bouquet of flowers for thanking him. Saud Butt already cleared he will never leave him PMLN because of the pressure of the government.

What do you think is this political revenge or Saud Butt was guilty comment down your point of view


  1. You certainly know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More people should read this and understand this side of yourstory. Patricia Ebenezer Semele


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